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Benvenuti! Set in the heart of a medieval Italian borgo, our suite is a portal to the past. Embrace the charm, history, and authentic Italian ambiance. May your stay be memorable and enchanting.


The History of the Suite

Count Fernando, cousin of the Orsini family, is a mysterious figure poised between reality and legend. A noted alchemist and magic enthusiast at a time of witch hunts, he asked his cousins for asylum in the Duchy of Bracciano, where, away from prying eyes, he could concentrate on his research. Duke Orsini granted him this house to use as a laboratory, on the condition that no one would discover his activities. Far from modern philosophical theories, his experiments found their foundation in the occult, convinced that the way to discover truth was linked to organic matter and dark spirits. It is said that his experiments were unorthodox, and during the time he practiced his arts many animals and many of his servants mysteriously disappeared into thin air.

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It doesn’t matter at what time you arrive at Granducato – you will be always welcomed by the warm and friendly staff that will make you feel right at home. In the morning, we would be delighted to invite you to a breakfast in one of our locations, while at lunchtime we offer you to experience the local attractions.


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