Location: Via della Collegiata 11, Bracciano, Italy
Accommodation Capacity:
2 people


Immerse yourself in the timeless charm of historic Europe with a stay at our elegant suite, nestled in the heart of a picturesque medieval village. This enchanting accommodation features a fully equipped kitchen, a tastefully furnished bedroom and living area complete with classic décor, and a well-appointed bathroom. Located just moments from the village's historic landmarks, it offers an ideal base for leisurely explorations of the cobblestone streets and ancient architecture. Experience the allure of bygone eras with this distinctive setting, perfect for indulging in the romance of European history.


The greatness of the last of the Orsini family echoes in the streets of the village. Flavio was an artist, musician and poet, and his diplomatic talents earned him honours at the major European courts, in particular by the King of France, Louis XIV. An artist and renowned libertine, Flavio organised extravagant get-togethers with his friends and protégés in this refuge in the picturesque Borgo. It is here that he will meet his second wife, Maria, who will win him over with her wit and share his passion for diplomacy. His attempts to keep the peace between the various European kingdoms and the Papal States will cost him dearly, one by one, the sovereigns who had originally showered him with offices and pensions will abandon him, forcing him to sell his titles and properties. His was a life of successes and failures, court intrigues and conspiracies, but he is sadly remembered as the man who had to sell the Duchy of Bracciano to the Odescalchi and who made the Orsini line extinct by dying without titles and heirs.