Location: via Arazzaria 61, Bracciano, Italy
Accommodation Capacity:
4 Persons, featuring a luxurious queen-sized bed and a sofa bed


Embark on a journey to cozy sophistication with our charming suite tucked away in the heart of the historic “Borgo” of Bracciano. After a single flight of stairs, you'll find yourself welcomed into a warm living space, complete with a fireplace, a fully equipped kitchen, and a quaint dining area. Retreat to the tranquil bedroom after a day of exploration, and refresh yourself in the well-appointed bathroom. The comfortable sofa bed offers accommodation for two, ensuring a delightful stay for all. With its inviting atmosphere and convenient layout, this suite promises an unforgettable escape in the picturesque setting of medieval Italy.


Isabella De Medici was a woman of rare beauty, broad culture, and great passion. Forced at a young age to marry a violent and powerful man, her need for love led her to seek comfort in the arms of her husband’s cousin, and it is in this house that the two secretly met. Rumors began to circulate, and legends about Isabella multiplied over the centuries, portraying her as a relentless seductress of inexperienced youths and a lustful black widow. These same rumors led to her violent death at the hands of her jealous husband who strangled her with a red cord, yet he remained unpunished. Isabella’s restless spirit wanders through the village and along the lake shores, a tormented soul that finds peace only in the silent nights around the castle. Sometimes, during the longest nights of the year, the villagers say that her anguished wails can be heard through the cobbled streets.


Step into a world of timeless charm and authenticity as you enter our suite adorned with genuine antique furniture. Each piece tells a story, inviting you to immerse yourself fully in the rich heritage and lifestyle of a traditional borgo. From intricately carved wooden chests to elegant vintage armchairs, every element of our suite whispers tales of bygone eras, promising a stay filled with nostalgic allure and unforgettable memories.