Location: via Arazzaria 32, Bracciano, Italy
Accommodation Capacity:
4 Persons, featuring a luxurious queen-sized bed and a sofa bed


Experience the enchantment of medieval Italy with a stay at Contessa Isabella, our exquisite suite nestled in the heart of the medieval village of Bracciano. This charming suites offers a fully equipped kitchen, a beautifully furnished bedroom and living room adorned with antique furniture, and a bathroom. Just steps away from the castle, it provides an ideal location for delightful strolls through the medieval streets. Immerse yourself in the dreamlike world of Italian city-states with this unique medieval setting.


Isabella was the first Princess of Piombino and the last of the Appiano lineage. As a teenager, she loses her first love and her kingdom within a few months. Despite her defeat, she doesn't give up and manages to reclaim the throne, which she will share with her great love: Paolo Giordano II Orsini, Duke of Bracciano. Once she reclaims her kingdom, Isabella, madly in love, follows her Duke to this village, where they spend years in peace and tranquility. She is later deposed from the throne through a conspiracy, ending a great dynasty. It is said that in this room, she posed for the famous artist Ottavio Leoni, when in the prime of her years and power, she reigned over all her domains.

Iconic Antiques

The antique wooden chest that greets us at the entrance has been carefully restored.This piece seems to have been made by an heir or pupil of Giuseppe Maggiolini, and one can admire the tasteful way in which the wood has been carved and crafted.