Location: Via del Pescino 55, Bracciano, Italy
Accommodation Capacity:
4 Persons, featuring a luxurious queen-sized bed and a sofa bed


Immerse yourself in the timeless charm of historic Europe with a stay at our elegant suite, nestled in the heart of a picturesque medieval village. This enchanting accommodation features a fully equipped kitchen, a tastefully furnished bedroom and living area complete with classic décor, and a well-appointed bathroom. Located just moments from the village's historic landmarks, it offers an ideal base for leisurely explorations of the cobblestone streets and ancient architecture. Experience the allure of bygone eras with this distinctive setting, perfect for indulging in the romance of European history.


The Queen of Sweden, Christina, visits Bracciano on the occasion of her 29th birthday and is received by the Orsini family with all the honours worthy of a great queen. The town enchants her so much that Cristina makes a sensational decision. From one day to the next she abdicates the Swedish throne and moves to Italy. In Bracciano she buys this house and turns it into her luxurious retreat. Duke Orsini, seeing their great friendship, gives her the title of Countess and supports her in her fight against Pope Innocent XI Odescalchi. The pope became Cristina's nemesis, in his policy of order and rigour he closed down the theatres and the houses of the nobility. Thanks to Duke Orsini, Cristina manages to keep her house open, which becomes a refuge for persecuted artists and thinkers, defined by the pope as 'thieves, murderers and women of ill repute'. This house became an important literary salon, where poets and artists could freely express their ideas and art, leaving a world of repression and intolerance outside. The Queen of Sweden will thus find herself at the centre of the struggles between the two noble families of Bracciano.