Location: via Fioravanti 21, Bracciano, Italy
Accommodation Capacity:
7 people


Immerse yourself in the timeless charm of historic Europe with a stay at our elegant suite, nestled in the heart of a picturesque medieval village. This enchanting accommodation features a fully equipped kitchen, a tastefully furnished bedroom and living area complete with classic décor, and a well-appointed bathroom. Located just moments from the village's historic landmarks, it offers an ideal base for leisurely explorations of the cobblestone streets and ancient architecture. Experience the allure of bygone eras with this distinctive setting, perfect for indulging in the romance of European history.


Abelardo Fioravanti came from a family of wealthy merchants. Their privileged position and great family wealth were not considered sufficient to aspire to marriage with his great love: the Contessina Eleonora of the noble Arazzari family. On Christmas night 1478, in this room, the two lovers were surprised by Eleonora's family: she was locked up in the castle tower and he was exiled. Abelard swears to himself that he would procure a title and return for her. Through the good offices of a cardinal uncle he enters the Papal army, where he proves his skill and saves the life of the famous mercenary captain Franceschetto Cybo, the illegitimate son of Pope Innocent VIII. Abelardo is then honoured with the title of Baron. With this title he began to frequent the circles of the high Roman aristocracy, where he met his protector, Duke Virginio Orsini, son of the castle's builder, who offered him the title of Count in exchange for a long series of violent favours. Once he becomes Count and with a shady reputation as a remorseless assassin, he returns to Bracciano. It is here that he will discover the sad fate of Eleonora, who died in mysterious circumstances inside a cloistered convent. It was he who had the family palace built in memory of his sweet Countess and who affixed the Fioravanti coat of arms above the main door, which is still clearly visible today.