Location: Via Scaletta del Pescino 1, Bracciano, Italy
Accommodation Capacity:
2 people


Enjoy the slow life of the medieval town with a stay at our luxurious Suite Conte Fernando. This Suite is all on ground floor, offering a kitchen, a living area, a modern bathroom and a welcoming bedroom furnished with engraved wooden pieces. Its central location makes it the perfect base to explore the magic of Bracciano.


Count Fernando, a cousin of the Orsini, is a mysterious figure teetering between reality and legend. Known as an alchemist and magic enthusiast during a time of witch hunts, he sought asylum with his cousins in the Duchy of Bracciano, where, away from prying eyes, he could focus on his research. Duke Orsini granted him a house to use as a laboratory, on the condition that no one discover his activities. Distant from modern philosophical theories, his experiments were based in the occult, convinced that the path to discovering the truth was linked to organic matter and dark spirits. It is said that his experiments were unorthodox, and that during the period he practiced his arts, many animals and many of his servants mysteriously disappeared into thin air.

Iconic Antiques

The wooden furniture in the bedroom is filled with history and ancient craftsmanship. The delicate and graceful wood inlays have a baroque air that gives a timeless elaborate elegance to this suite. The bed, the bedside tables with marble inserts, and the mirrored wardrobe are all the work of a single skilled craftsman who has managed to infuse the wood with his expertise and passion.