Granducato di Bracciano

The Granducato di Bracciano is an authentic experience, the opportunity to live immersed in the daily life of the medieval hamlet in contact with the centuries-old history of Bracciano. Historically, the Duchy of Bracciano has played a fundamental role in Italian history and politics. The village retains its medieval nature, with simple and genuine life rhythms. With the Granducato di Bracciano, we want to bring this incredible reality to everyone. Enter this unique dimension and truly live the life of the hamlet.

"Diffused" Hotel

The diffused hotel is the definition of authenticity. An opportunity to live and wander around the village as if it were your own home and get in touch with its inhabitants. Here you will learn to appreciate the calm of the slow, cadenced life that has characterized this place for centuries. Among the medieval alleys you can find the different housing solutions, bars and restaurants that make up the Granducato di Bracciano. Among the outings, events, and walks, there is no shortage of unique adventures and experiences to try to feel truly native to the place.


Bracciano Lake, located north of Rome and also known as Lake Sabatino, is a majestic body of water of volcanic origin with depths reaching 160 meters. Celebrated as one of the cleanest lakes in Europe, it has supplied water to Rome since Roman times. Its waters hide ancient secrets, such as a submerged Neolithic village dated between 5700 and 5200 BC. In addition to its historical richness, the lake is a sanctuary of biodiversity, included in the Bracciano-Martignano Regional Park.

Bracciano Lake

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Located in the northern part of the province of Rome, Lake Bracciano, also known as Lake Sabatino, is a jewel of volcanic origin, reaching a maximum depth of 160 meters. Recognized as one of the cleanest lakes in Europe, these waters have supplied the capital since the time of the Roman Empire through a complex system of aqueducts.


Recent excavations in the lake have revealed a fascinating chapter in prehistory: a submerged Neolithic village, dating from between 5700 and 5200 BCE. This settlement, consisting of seven large rectangular houses, covered an area of about 25,000 square meters. It is believed to have been abandoned due to a sudden flood.


The clear waters of Lake Bracciano are a haven for a wide variety of fish, while its shores are home to lush flora and fauna. This biological wealth, along with nearby Lake Martignano, also of volcanic origin, led to the creation of the Bracciano-Martignano Regional Park, a protected area that aims to preserve its priceless naturalistic value.

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