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Welcome to Bracciano, a gem of medieval charm. As you step onto cobbled streets, let history surround you. Here, we've combined the comforts of home with the allure of ancient times. Immerse yourself in a medieval dream while feeling right at home.

DISCLAIMER: All images used on this website are for illustrative purposes only and are not representative of real products, services, or events. The localities depicted on this webpage are scheduled to open in 2024. Real photos will be loaded thereafter.

Hotels & Suites

Discover our chambers

Family Resort Bella Vita

A family-friendly medieval-themed resort with a private garden and marvellous views

Le Suites del Borgo

A diverse range of suites located in the heart of Bracciano

Boutique Hotel Regina Victoria

The most luxury experience to completely immerse yourself into the life of the Borgo

Fine Dining & Bars

Discover the ancient flavors of Bracciano

Bar Divus

A cozy, medieval-themed bar offering a selection of classic drinks in a charming, historic setting.

Champagne Room

A trendy, upscale bar catering to a younger crowd, specializing in a variety of exquisite champagne selections.

Restaurant Victoria

Enjoy an Italian culinary experience from our premium chefs, with traditional tastes and ancient flavours of the region.

Services & Experiences

Authentic Experiences and High class Services for a memorable stay

SPA & Beauty Center

Soothe your senses and renew your spirit in our Spa & Beauty Center

Private Beach

Enjoy the lake like you never did before

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